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You have landed that awesome job or you are in your current job and you need to be excited and passionate about it. So excited that you cannot wait to get to the office and face a brand new day. #job

Here is your Bible Guide to Success

The single BEST question you can ask when being interviewed is:

“Where do you see your company going in the next 5-10 years?”

This question has often stumped Owners, MD’s, HR, and Managers.  It shows your forward-thinking, research done of the company and the success you would like to bring to the company.

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You need to show up every single morning like you want to be there like you are meant to be there – it is your job and you got it, you deserve it and it is yours to own!

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A simple point to always remember this – SLEEP is so important.  There is absolutely nothing worse and nothing successful about sleep deprivation. Feeling rejuvenated, fresh and ready for work is real – it is about all your goals and achieving them.

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If you are ever asked to do something by your Boss, Manager or Team Lead and you have no idea what to do, where to start or not sure how to do it – don’t ever say I can’t or I am not really sure or the right person.

STOP – YOU SO CAN –  you will figure it out, your research and google – you have the tools available to find out, so use it.  Use your

CAN-DO-ATTITUDE  and believe me, this will have a huge impact on your future, promotion, salary increase, performance review and later your career

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Dressing for work is very important – the more confident you feel – the better you will perform workwise and the more professional you will come across.  Spend some pennies on some great basic clothes that you can mix and match and a terrific suit – you will be rewarded financially and get that money back down the line.  There is nothing like feeling powerful walking into a meeting and feeling great and successful in your clothes.

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While you are climbing that corporate ladder and impressing the “world” – keep a note of all you are accomplishing and all your achievements from day one on the new job. You will be so pleased you did – it is all about growth and progress and awesome to add to your CV.

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If you mess up or make a mistake – just remember we are all human and we have those good and bad days.  Mistakes also mean you are learning and more quickly than you think. So take ownership of it.  Don’t lie or try and cover up – believe me, you will be more respected and trusted.

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If training is ever offered – grab it with both hands. Learning more – earning more. Take advantage and get involved with free skill sessions.  There is always something to learn.

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Take  initiative and get ahead.  You don’t have to just follow your job description.  The more you offer to assist and help as a team member, the more you progress, learn and make things happen.

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No matter how much you achieve, never forget what it felt like to be the new person on the block on his or her first day. Stay humble and remember kindness is key to getting places.

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Praise your colleagues.  You know how it feels to be praised for a job well done or a great idea.  Praising someone else doesn’t steal your limelight or your shine.  In fact the complete opposite happens – It only makes you shine brighter.

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